Power Rangers was directed by Dean Israelite. The screenplay was written by John Gatins. The cast includes: Dacre Montgomery as Jason aka Red Ranger; Naomi Scott as Kimberly aka Pink Ranger; RJ Cyler as Billy aka the Blue Ranger; Ludi Lin as Zack aka the Black Ranger and Becky G. as Trini aka the Yellow Ranger.

The Power Rangers are based off the 90s television show The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. In this version, the cast of outsiders (in their own way) meet unexpectedly at a mining site outside of their town. After an explosion caused by Billy, because that’s his thing, they discover different color stones and discover that they now have superpowers and have been chosen to be the Power Rangers and save humanity.

I watched the Power Rangers as a kid growing up in the 90s. I was even the Pink Ranger for Halloween probably five years in a row. And I can tell you, I remembered nothing about the story, characters or premise. (Probably goes to show how old I am getting).

This film was definitely made for the millennial generation. The constant whining about everything was about all I could take. The bad boy who gives up his football scholarship because he’s lost (oh and he’s on house arrest that is mentioned once, and then he just galavants around like there’s no more house arrest), the girl who is a mean girl and passed out a nude photo of her friend (side note: I know cases where girls and boys who do this in middle school and/or high school that have gotten charged), the autistic kid who is just happy to have friends (he’s the best character and actor, by the way), the one boy who wants everyone to know he’s crazy and skips school but really is a sweet heart and loves his mom and the girl who moves around a lot and her parents just want her to be ‘normal’.
I know I said that I didn’t remember the old show, but I definitely don’t remember whining or pornography.

But this is what the market is right now: millennials and connecting with what they are ‘feeling’ and their constant whining. That’s all these characters did, whine. Whine about how they can’t morph or how they can’t stand each other or know each other. Stop, okay?

Like I stated above, Billy is the best character. He’s the only genuine character and actor. The actor definitely knew what kind of movie this was, and played it well. The rest of the cast, well, they had no likeable features whatsoever. Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa was another actor who knew what to do with a movie like this, and she did it well.

As the film progressed, the lines just kept getting cornier and cornier. My eyes got stuck in the back of my head with the eye rolls during the third act.

We see these characters in their armor for about a total of five seconds, then they all get into their zords, which are barely seen. The scene that they finally get their zords the original score is used *cue eye roll* it felt so misplaced. Then they all make megazord and the climatic fight scene lasts about a total of fifteen minutes.

The Krispy Kreme product placement was another terrible addition to this film. It may as well have been named Power Rangers: Hot Now.

This is what we get now, corny 90s tv shows turned into corny, whiney millennial films. 

I felt no nostalgia when watching this film, but then again I may be too old for this crap.

But, let me tell you how I really feel.